Choosing Your Photographs

Using photographs and turning them into a rose is a unique keepsake and special gift that will definitely stand out.

Here is some important information about choosing your photographs.


How many pictures can I use?

1, 2 or 4.

The pattern of the rose means that they look best with one, two or four. "Not three?" I hear you ask? Well, you can use three pictures but the centre of the rose has 4 petals, so one photograph would be duplicated.

Can I use any picture?



Ideally, you want to choose a photograph where people (or pets or whatever you choose) are close together. I might decide to split the photograph into two petals to make sure you can see important features.

For example: Imagine a family picture with everyone standing on one level, and the dog is at your feet. Everyone would easily fit on to a petal but the dog would be cut off at the bottom. So, using my judgement, I'd create another petal with the dog so it's not missed out.


Will the photos be Black & White or Colour?


​When completing your order, you can choose to leave your pictures as they are or ask me to make them Black and White.


Does it have to be a rose? 


Yes. It's pretty but! 

Can I have more than one personalised rose?

Yes, you can add additional roses here.


What if I can't choose a picture?

Don't stress yourself too much... you can add another personalised rose. Or choose to use Song Lyrics or a Special Message instead.